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Trademark search in Lithuania

29 August 2016
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Likelihood of confusion for trademarks in Lithuania is one of the main reasons for trademark disputes. This is due to the reason that new applications for registration are made without ensuring that no similar of identical trademark has already been registered in Lithuania earlier. In order to avoid such disputes, it is useful to carry out the trademark search in Lithuania before the registration of a trademark.


Before the registration of a new trademark in Lithuania, it is crucial to carry out the trademark search in Lithuanian databases, and if necessary also in national databases of other countries, European Union trademark database or international databases, depending on the region where the owner wishes to register its new trademark. This is important so that it could be ensured that no rights of an earlier trademark are infringed. According to Laws on Trademarks an earlier mark has a priority, thus all later trademarks that are found similar or identical to the earlier one can be declared invalid from the date of registration in case the opposition is being filed by another party.

The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania has its own database for trademark search in Lithuania where they maintain information of all trademark applications and trademarks that are registered in Lithuania while regularly updating the data. In addition, the Patent Bureau in their homepage has gathered databases, such as European Union trademark database (EUIPO eSearch plus” database), international trademark database (WIPO “Romarin”) and a large number of national trademark databases of foreign countries. Therefore, it is possible for everyone to carry out the trademark search in Lithuania as well as in other databases in order to avoid the infringement of rights of an earlier trademark.


In the database of trademark search in Lithuania it is possible to sort your search by different fields, such as: the owner of the mark, application or registration number, Nica classes of goods and services, address, name or wording of the mark (as a whole or only a part of a mark). Also there is an option to search for verbal or graphical trademarks as well as choose the possible colour search of trademarks.


Please find the link to the databases of trademark search in Lithuania, European Union, WIPO and other countries here.


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